MoneyMinder Treasurer Software

Designed specifically for volunteer run nonprofits. MoneyMinder offers customizable tools to manage your group's financial activities. Create Headers & Categories that are appropriate for your group.

Accounting controls. Our double-entry system assures that all transactions are reflected in the reports you produce. An unalterable event log tracks major activities in the event it is necessary to see what's been done, by whom and when.

Supported by staff who have walked in your shoes. Enjoy free, unlimited technical support via email or phone by experts who speak your language.

Accessible by board members with your permission. Allow others "Report Only" access to view data and run reports. You allow as many individuals access with a user name and password as you'd like.

Upgrades available immediately. Get full version product upgrades automatically the instant they are released at absolutely no cost.

Save time and money. Potentially save hundreds of dollars with the ability to calculate totals for the 990EZ. Eliminate the time and energy it takes to implement a new software solution each year. Eliminate the hassle of hardware and software incompatibilities.

Provide an easy board transition. Don't reinvent the wheel each year. Simply add new users and delete outgoing users.

Accountant approved. MoneyMinder treasurer software is recommended and used by accountants and CPAs from coast to coast.

Available anytime, anywhere. Just like online banking, MoneyMinder is accessed by logging on to your account using your computer and the Internet. Use the browser you're comfortable with (Firefox, Explorer, Safari, etc.) to work in.

We strive to make the life of a volunteer treasurer easy!

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